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Analysis is only part of the essence of a property valuation. This is the part which can be taught. To be able to sense, feel and understand a property and to consider each on merit requires innate understanding and sensitivity. We at Keen Property invest time in the specifics of each property to ensure that our valuations reflect our values.

Keen Property understands the complexities involved in establishing a property’s accurate value in today’s changing market and our team is active across the entire metropolitan landscape. Whether the valuation is of a residential, commercial or industrial nature, we look beyond present value assessments to understand market trends, competing assets and projected income, to present you with a detailed report providing information and commentary on issues affecting the current market value of the property.

Our focus is to establish longstanding relationships and respond to our client’s individual needs as we provide advice which is totally independent, impartial and unbiased, ensuring the continuing reputation of the company as a market leader.

Keen Property’s valuers have accumulated many years of experience in all aspects of the property business. We adhere to the company’s philosophy of striving to achieve exceptional client service by ‘taking that extra step’, understanding  the importance of personalised service and ensuring that clients don’t become lost in the system.

Valuation Services Include:

  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Acting as Expert Witnesses in matters of litigation (Disputes)
  • Probate
  • Strata Unit Entitlement
  • Strata Common Property
  • Stamp Duty
  • Strata/Community
  • Pre-Purchase/Pre-Sale
  • Insurance
  • Asset monitoring/guidance/advice

The process of insurance valuations has become increasingly sophisticated, carrying higher risks and greater responsibilities than ever before. As valuers supporting the industry, we at Keen Property understand the ever increasing importance of risk management. Our objective is to ensure a consistent, efficient and effictive assesment of risk. We pride ourselves in our holistic approach and offer a package of services which is vital to enable sound management practices. We will ensure that your buildings are properly insured, have fairly equated unit entitlements and are properly provisioned for future maintenance.

The valuers at Keen Property have extensive experience in strata, residential, commercial and industrial valuations and we are proud to list amongst our clients, some of the most prestigious strata and community management companies in Australia. Whilst strata title insurance valuations and Capital Works Fund reports are a major focus of our business, we also provide a full range of services, from straight forward valuations to those of a complex nature which require the specialist knowledge and understanding necessary for us to maintain the enviable reputation we enjoy.

Our services include:

  • Insurance valuations
  • Capital Works Fund Reports
  • Common Property valuations
  • Unit Entitlement valuations
  • Easement valuations
  • Statutory/ Rating valuations
  • Shared facilities/Cost apportionment

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